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The Mortgage Repayment Calculator - Rent, enables you to calculate the size of a mortgage using your rent payment as the regular payment towards a mortgage.

Work out the payment amount for a mortgage Mortgage Repayment Calculator.

If you'd like to explore the term of the loan and interest savings to be made by make a different payment amount, use Mortgage Repayment Calculator - Known Payment.

For those interested in how much they would need to pay in terms of Victorian stamp duty and transfer fees, you can use the Victorian Stamp Duty calculator.



Mortgage Repayment Calculator - Rent

If you're renting the rental payments you make each week/fortnight/month could be used to repayment mortgage of a certain size. This page enables you to work out the size of a mortgage using your rent as the regular payment.


The rent you currently pay to rent a property.


Enter the number of years the loan will be paid off over. Typically this will be 30, but loans of 25 years used to be common.


The default payment frequency is for payments to be monthly. However if you pay rent fortnightly or weekly, then you can use that payment frequency to determine the mortgage.


The interest rate you enter is the rate at which you agree to at the time of taking out the loan.


Mortgage is the size of the mortgage/loan your rental payment could service.

Total Payments

Total Payments shows you how much you will pay over the life of the loan.

Total Interest

The Total Interest amount is the portion of the mortgage repayments which is interest.


  • First start by entering the rental payment amount you currently make to see the size of loan you can already service. Subject to other commitments.

  • If you think you could pay more in rent see how much of a loan this could service.

  • Keep in mind you will have other costs such as council and water rates if you buy a property. You would normally have additional insurance costs as well. There may also be maintenance costs.


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